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Your Roof’s 4 Enemies and the Ways to Fight Them

The roof of your home is your first defense against everything nature throws your way. That’s why roofing systems, no matter how tough, deserve to be cared for.

Roofing Enemies

While it’s true that all roofs need maintenance and care, there are some that last longer than others based on the material, the installation, and the location. After all, your roofing in Maryland has enemies. Here are the things your roof is subjected to all year round:

1. The Heat of the Sun

That heat and those ultraviolet rays can seriously affect your roof, no matter how sturdy it is. The side of your roof that’s away from any form of shade deteriorates faster.

2. Water

Heat may be bad, but water is even worse. It comes in the form of rain, ice, snow, hail, and condensation. A professional roofing company in Maryland will tell you that when your roof is not maintained properly, water may find its way to the roof deck and eventually cause rot. The moisture that remains will encourage the formation of mold and mildew. Aside from causing further structural damage, such growths can also affect your health. The worst kind of water damage is when even the foundation is affected. This makes your house structurally unsound, which is highly dangerous and will entail repairs.

3. Wind

Perhaps the most damaging element to your roof is wind—high winds, to be exact. When high winds hit your roof, they can lift the shingles and force water to enter. This is when the problems begin. The strongest winds are also known to lift huge portions of your roof, if not the whole thing.

4. Material Deterioration

Because of your roof’s exposure to the elements mentioned above, the material may deteriorate quickly. Shingles may curl, break, or lift, losing their waterproofing effectiveness. Sometimes, after a storm, you’ll find a few shingles on your backyard, torn off your roof. This calls for immediate action by roofing companies in Maryland, to prevent further roof damage. In other cases, it’s not the shingles but the flashing that gets lifted or broken. Walls, electrical systems, and ceilings are just a few of what get damaged when this happens.

5. Trees and Branches

A tree can fall on your house during a hurricane, or at the very least its branches will end up puncturing a part of your roof or getting stuck in gutters and downspouts. The shade that trees provide may be good, but it may also result in the growth of moss on your roof, especially when water becomes trapped by leaves. Roofing systems can last a long time if they are of the best quality and installed by licensed professionals. But they deteriorate due to exposure. Maintenance is the key to making them last longer.

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